Monday, October 31, 2011

The Carrot Salesman by Brad Shur

Coming to PST...
Wed & Thur| Oct 22 and 23 | 10:30am

Start November with a puppet show!! Coming to the Puppet Showplace this Wednesday and Thursday
" The Carrot Salesman" by Brad Shur our artist in residence

About the Show:

Join Mr. Bunni, the door-to-door vegetable salesman as he journeys beneath the earth, into the sea, and even to outer space in search of new customers. Through his unsuccessful efforts to sell carrots to elephants, jellyfish, moles, and robots, he discovers a way to help all of the animals. This colorful 2D table-top performance features plenty of audience interaction! Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Day at King Richard's Faire

My name is Stacey Polishook and I am a marketing intern at PST. That's me in the pirate hat :-) From time to time I would like to share with you interesting puppet facts, puppets sighting’s in the community and other puppet fun! So without much ado...My first Puppet Post:

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the last day of King Richard's Faire in western MA. For those of you who don't know, King Richard's is a Renaissance Faire, i.e. a crazy place where
people dress up in renaissance and medieval garb and engage in sword fights, perform juggling acts, sell bodices, potions, and a variety if other medieval wares. Of course another thing your are likely to find at King Richard's is the errant puppet or two, and this year's faire did not disappoint. I saw quite a few people who had brought puppets into their costumes or performances but there were two of note that I wanted to share.

The first was an amusing bit done by a few "doctors" who were carting around an ailing woman and offering "plague shots" to protect against the affliction that had taken down the unfortunate lady.
One arm was a fake and was doctored to look as if it was decaying. Meanwhile, a crow puppet ( activated by her real hand concealed under a blanket) surreptitiously snacked on the the decayed "flesh."The effect was very subtle and extremely effective! (photo right)
The next puppet of note was an amazing
monster/ creature. The operator wrote a costume of fur over his entire body. To enable him to see, the puppeteer's face was slightly exposed with a fencer's mask. This mesh mask was barely visible however due to the long beard and neck of his creature which came up over his back. Controls were hidden under his massive fur costume. The illusion was fantastic. The neck moved very naturally and the mouth of the creature had the ability to open and close.

So there you have it. King Richards Faire is unfortunately closed for the year but will reopen next September. If you missed out this year, here is a video! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Marionettes at the Puppet Store!

PST has a Puppet Store?

That's right! Puppet Showplace Theatre is not only the center for puppetry arts in New England where you can catch a different puppet show each week, or take a puppet making class. We also have a store where you can take home your very own puppets! The store selection ranges from colorful finger puppets by Mary Meyer to beautiful stage puppets by Folkmanis. There is quite a selection to choose from!

New this week in the Puppet Store are marionettes by Sunny Puppet Company! In addition to favorites including the Ballerina and Wizard marionettes, now we have a Fireman, Clown, baby elephant, baby tiger, baby schnauzer (sooo cute!) and many others!

We are expecting these awesomely colorful frogs within the next couple of weeks! Sunny marionettes are the perfect way for your little ones to practice and play with marionettes at home. They are designed for little and big hands alike to manipulate and come to life!

Store Hours: Tues through Sun, 10am to 4pm.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Wed & Thurs | Oct 26 and 27 | 10:30am
Sat & Sun| Oct 29 and 30 | 1pm & 3pm

Its getting cold out there and October is nearing its end. Halloween is close at hand...There is no better time to see a puppet show! Come
kick off Halloween week at The Puppet Showplace Theater with a monstrously appropriate puppet production of Doohickey's Monster Machine performed by our artist in residence Brad Shur.

About the show:

Dr. Doohickey thinks that the world would be much more exciting if people were a little more like monsters, don’t you? Join the doctor and his assistant Reginald the Rabbit as they use music, machines and a little magic to bring funny monsters to life.


Recommended for ages 4 and up.

And kids, don't forget! we want your reviews of Dr. Doohickey!!! So come out, see the show, go to our Facebook Wall and tell us what you thought. You have the chance to become our featured reviewer and have your review posted on our blog. Who knows you you might just start your journalism career right here at PST!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Calling all kids: Puppet Show Reviewers Wanted!

Do you like seeing puppet shows? Are you good at show and tell? Have you ever thought about writing reviews?

…Well, guess what! Puppet Showplace Theater would LOVE to have you review our Halloween week shows!

Here’s the deal:

Step 1. Come out to see Dr. Doohickey’s Monster Machine

Step 2. Write a review of the show. What was the best part of the story? Who was your favorite character? Was the show funny? Scary? Who else might like to see this show? If you want to include a picture or drawing as well, please do!

Step 3. Post your review on our Facebook Wall by Monday October 31st at 5pm

We will select one reviewer to be featured on our website following the show!

Photo by Meredith Pomeroy. Keep an eye out at PST for this awesome red practice puppet who has traveled the world with No Strings International. Thanks to head puppeteer Ronald Binion for letting us borrow him!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Frog Prince by Pumpernickel Puppets

Coming this weekend To PST...
Sat & Sun| Oct 22 and 23 | 1pm & 3pm

Our fairytale fall continues this weekend with another classic story "The Frog Prince" by Pumpernickel Puppets this Saturday and Sunday.

About the Show:

Young Prince Tad has been caught teasing the forest creatures again. A magic tree turns the prince into a frog to teach him a lesson. Along the way he meets a princess who could turn him back with a kiss. Yuck! Will she do it? All ends happily as the characters learn about being kind and keeping promises.
Recommended for ages 4 and up.
About the Performer:
For over thirty five years the Pumpernickel Puppets have captivated audiences of all ages. John McDonough and his puppets present over two hundred fifty shows a year at schools, libraries and private parties throughout the New England area.

Spooky Story Station!


The leaves are finally changing and the air is getting cooler. All signs that we are nearing one of our favorite fall festivals...Halloween! And What better way to celebrate than with Puppet Showplace's Spooky Story Station!!!!!!!!! On October 31st our theater will be transformed into a enchanted train station filled with spooky, strange, and silly creatures. All aboard for Halloween fun! Join friendly ghosts, baby zombies, and furry monsters as they welcome trick-or-treaters. More spectacular than scary, the Spooky Story Station will be your most memorable stop on Halloween Night. All visitors get to take home a finger puppet! For trick-or-treaters aged 5 to 105!!!!!!! Check out the performers on our website

HALLOWEEN NIGHT, October 31, 2011

Open for visitors 5:00 to 8:00 PM

Pay-what-you-can-admissions (suggested $5 to $20 per family)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Woodland Cinderella by Deborah Costine

Coming Soon!
Wed & Thurs | Oct 19th and 20th | 10:30am

More Fall Fairy Tale fun continues with "A Woodland Cinderella" by Deborah Costine next wednesday and Thursday.

About the Show:
In this new version of the classic story, Cinderella is a fairy who lives with her stepmother and stepsister in an enormous old tree in the forest. The King of all woodland fairies wants his son to marry a fairy princess, but none can be found. So the King hosts a great ball and commands that every single fairy maiden in the land must attend. He knows the secret to identifying a true fairy princess!
Recommended for Ages 3 and up

About the Performer:
Deborah is co-founder of the award-winning Gerwick Puppets, a company that has been performing throughout New England since 1974. “A Woodland Cinderella” is a 2008 winner of the coveted UNIMA USA CITATION OF EXCELLENCE and was selected for a series of performances at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta in 2010

Puppet Film Night: Handmade Puppet Dreams, Volume II Coming to PST!

Puppets are not just for the stage! Sesame street,
the Muppet Show, Labyrinth... there are so many amazing example of puppets who have leaped off the stage and entered a career in film. Come to Puppet Showplace this weekend and check out some amazing puppet cinematography in Handmade Puppet reams, Volume II this Saturday, Oct 15th.
This unique collection features not one, but ten puppet films in one night! Come see why this series, put together by Heather Henson (daughter of Muppet creator Jim Henson), has been loved by audiences across the country. These movies range from silly to beautiful, poignant to absurd. Together, they showcase the "next generation" of puppeteers who embrace film as their medium.
The show starts at 8:00pm and popcorn is included in the price of admission ( Who doesn't like FREE FOOD!). There will also be a special appearance by alumni of the "Furry Monsters 101" class.

So to recap...Saturday October 15th, 8:00pm, 10 Puppet films, A Furry Monster performance, and free popcorn!!! You really can't afford to miss this event so you better reserve your tickets today! Just remember this show is for older puppet enthusiasts and is recommended for ages 16 and up. Check out this preview...

Want to learn more about this film ( including a list and decription of the short films included in this volume of puppets dreams) and other Handmade Puppet Dream productions? Check out this link to their WEBSITE

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fairy Circus by Tanglewood Marionettes

Coming This Week!

Wed & Thurs |Oct 12 & 13|10:30am

Sat & Sun |Oct 15 & 16| 1:00am & 3:00pm


About this show:

You’re invited to an enchanted garden with surprises around every corner! The Fairy Circus features classic trick puppets and beautifully handcrafted marionettes. The puppets will dance, play instruments, juggle, contort, transform, and fly through the air with the greatest of ease, all to the music of favorite composers!

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

About the performers:

Founded in 1993 by Anne Ware and Peter Schaefer, Tanglewood Marionettes is a nationally touring marionette theater based in New England. Our repertoire consists primarily of classic tales performed by skilled puppeteers who have spent many years perfecting their art.

more info

Friday, October 7, 2011


PuppetPalooza!!!! need I say more...ok, maybe I do....Wenham Museum is hosting an exhibit entitled PuppetPalooza from October 7th thru January 16th. The description on the website states:

"Explore the wild and wonderful world of puppets—from tiny finger puppets to huge street puppets—in this playful and highly interactive exhibit. Become a puppeteer—make a dragon street puppet slither through the gallery, cast a puppet's shadow across a screen, pull the strings of a marionette, or put on a show with hand puppets." READ MORE

Sounds pretty amazing! To top it all off, the exhibit features puppets created by PST's Artist in Residence Emeritus, Paul Vincent Davis as well as puppets of Mary Churchill, the founder of Puppet Showplace. Want more PUPPETY FUN? This Sunday, October 16th, you can attend a PuppetPalooza Exhibition Party free with admission Now how cool is that!

Cultural Care Au Pair at Puppet Showplace

Looking for an au pair? Cultural Care Au Pair is going to have a small table in the lobby at Puppet Showplace on Columbus Day between 11am and 1pm. Come check them out!
Want to learn more about the organization?
Have a look at their website.

New Pictures of Honk Fest on Facebook!

Hey Everybody. Last weekend we were out and about at Honk Fest with our good friend Goldie the extra large goldfish made this summer in the Think Big! Giant Puppet Construction class. Luckily for us there was no rain to melt our paper mach fish and everyone seemed to love her. Thanks so much to all our volunteers who showed up to help out! You can check our pictures of the event on our facebook page

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Father Goose's Tales by Nappy's Puppets

This Weekend!
"Father Goose's Tales" by Nappy's Puppets
Sat & Sun|Oct 8 & 9|1:00pm & 3pm
Mon |Oct 10|10:30am&1:00pm

About this Show:
Trouble in the nursery....Mother Goose has taken the day off and Father Goose must do all her chores, including the storytelling! Try as he might, Father Goose just can't get the stories right....Father Goose's Tales is a modern retelling of nursery rhymes, stories and children's songs that will entertain the whole family!

About the performer:
Nappy’s puppets offers a variety of educational and entertainment possibilities: private parties, school assemblies, workshops, fund raisers and professional development days. offers a variety of educational and entertainment possibilities: private parties, school assemblies, workshops, fund raisers and professional development days.Nappy's Puppets is dedicated to presenting quality puppet theater to audiences of all ages. The goal of each performance is to entertain, inspire and educate the audience on the range and scope of puppetry as an art form.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood by Wonderspark Puppets

"Little Red Riding Hood" by Wonderspark Puppets
Wed & Thurs | October 5 & 6 | 10:30am

Our Fall Fairy Tale Festival continues with a spirited rendition of "Little Red Riding Hood" by Wonderspark Puppets next Wednesday and Thursday.

About this show: Little Red is sent into the big woods to deliver a basket of goodies to her sick Grandmother, but is hounded by a hungry wolf who wants the basket for himself.

Will Little Red be able to outsmart the wolf and save her Grandmother?

About the performers: Founded by husband and wife team Chad Williams and Lindsey "Z" Briggs, WonderSpark Puppets infuse fun and whimsy into all their performances. Z has worked as a professional puppeteer for the last 7 years as a performer and builder on numerous projects, while Chad is a filmmaker turned puppeteer, having shot and edited two puppetry documentaries. Located in New York City, WonderSpark is happy to perform puppet shows for kids and adults alike in all sorts of venues. more info