Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrate the National Day of Puppetry with us!


What is it?
The Puppeteers of America started the National Day of Puppetry in 1999 as a way to celebrate the art of puppetry. This year, PST and the Boston Area Guild of Puppetry (BAGOP) join up with performers and presents across New England to present a full day of fun puppetry events!

PST Presents: Puppet Karaoke Party!
Times: 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Location: Puppet Showplace Theatre
Cost: Suggested donations
$10 to $20 for families of 4
$5 per individual
That's right, it's a Puppet Karaoke Party! BYOP (Bring Your Own Puppet) or borrow one of ours for your chance to perform on the PST stage! Other activities throughout the evening include a puppet-making station and the chance to win awesome prizes with our raffle at the end of the night. Free pizza and cake for all!

View a full schedule for the day on our website!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peter Rabbit hops over to PST!


Wed & Thurs | March 28 & 29 | 10:30am
Sat & Sun | March 31 & Apr 1 | 1pm & 3pm

Your favorite mischievous rabbit is now at PST in his own puppet show!


About the show: Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit stories have been loved for generations. Now Tuckers' Tales Puppet Theatre brings them to life in irresistible style with clever scenery and turn-of-the-century costumes for an unforgettable theater experience. Included are: The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, and The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse.

About the performer: Tuckers' Tales Puppet Theatre, the performing division of Puppet Perceptions, Inc., is a Philadelphia area based performing company founded in 1981. Co-directors Marianne and Tom Tucker have performed at puppet, folk, ethnic and street festivals; and at craft fairs, shopping centers, theaters and schools around the country. Audiences from small children to senior citizens have enjoyed the variety of styles skillfully displayed in their interesting programs.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Save Your Summer! Come to a PST Summer Camp!

This summer, PST partners with the Brookline Recreation Department to bring exciting summer camps to the Brookline community! Currently, the camps are available only to Brookline residents.

Monster Makers
Puppet Building & Design Camp
with Brad Shur, PST Artist-in-Residence

Date: 6/25 through 6/29, 8:30am to 4:00pm
Age: 7-12
Location: Puppet Showplace Theatre

Activity Number 108006

About the Camp: Can you imagine the world’s craziest monster? Do you like making stuff by hand? Then Puppet Showplace Theatre wants YOU for Monster Makers! In this new one-week summer camp kids will experience the process of puppet design, resulting in the creation of original hand-crafted monster puppets. Led by PST’s Artist in Residence, students will explore the materials and mechanisms used by professional puppet builders to create the creatures that only exist in their imaginations.

Students will also take on mini-projects that exercise core artistic skills such as drawing and sculpting. Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and project-planning skills will also be learned along the way. In addition to puppetry activities, campers also will enjoy fun recreational outings led by counselors from the Brookline Recreation Department.

About the Instructor: Brad Shur is the Artist in Residence at PST where he regularly performs for family and adult audiences. He is a graduate of RISD, and has taught puppetry classes of students of all ages across the country.

Talk to the Hand
Puppetry and Performance Skills Camp
with Jacek Zuzanski of Dream Tale Puppets

Date: 8/20 through 8/24, 8:30am to 4:00pm
Age: 7-12
Location: Puppet Showplace Theatre

Activity Number 108008

About the Camp: Puppeteers can bring entire worlds to life using just the tips of their fingers. Want to know their secrets? Now is your chance! In this new one-week summer camp students will explore the manipulation techniques used to bring different styles of puppets to life.

In a typical day, students will spend a morning session working with a professional performer (actors and puppeteers) to learn tools for expressing themselves ranging from voice acting to storytelling to hand puppet techniques and team puppetry. In the afternoons, students will devise, rehearse, and perform an original play, using the puppetry and performance skills they have acquired. In addition to puppetry activities, campers also will enjoy fun recreational outings led by counselors from the Brookline Recreation Department.

About the Instructor: Jacek Zuzanski has a Master of Art degree from The State Puppetry Institute in Wrocław, Poland, and The Ministry for Art and Culture’s Stage Directing Certificate. Jacek currently teaches acting and puppetry at the Cape Cod Conservatory and at the Falmouth Academy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aesop (with his Fables) travels to PST!


Sat & Sun | March 24 & 25 | 1pm & 3pm

Come by PST to see your favorite Aesop's fables come to life - with puppets!


About the show: A treasured collection of favorite fables narrated by Aesop himself. The Tortoise and the Hare, The Lion and the Mouse, The Fox and the Grapes, and many more stories are cleverly woven together in this original collection, each featuring the classic Aesop irony and morals.

Recommended for ages 3 & up.

About the performer: Sadecky's Puppets comes from the minds of brothers Jay and Michael Sadecky, who have always enjoyed performing with puppets. They founded the company in 1981 and officially made their home in Tarentum, Pennsylvania in 1986. Eventually they started recruiting help from other puppeteers, including their sister Kathy, and now their puppeteer troupes travel to 14 states and perform over 500 shows a year.

Being parents themselves, the Sadeckys understand the importance of building character, so each script deals with values like respect, manners, and honesty and also with issues like peer pressure. They hope that children walk away from their shows both entertained and educated.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tricksters and Noodleheads come to PST!


Wed & Thurs | March 21 & 22 | 10:30am

Come to PST this week to watch 3 delightful stories about a rabbit, a goblin, and a woodcutter!


About the show: Meet some clever animals and foolish people in this medley of silly folktales. Watch Brer Rabbit sneak into the vegetable patch to steal a prize-winning pumpkin. Meet a pesky goblin who tries to outwit a hard-working gardener. And see what happens when a mysterious forest creature grants a poor woodcutter three magic wishes. The wishes come with a warning, but will the foolish woodcutter listen?

Hand puppets.
Recommended for ages 3 & up.

About the performer: Sparky's Puppets have delighted children and family audiences throughout New England for over 30 years. Puppeteer Sparky Davis has degrees in English (B. A., Mt. Holyoke College), education (M. A. T., Brown University) and library science (M.L.S., University of RI) and is a member of Puppeteers of America and the Boston Guild of Puppetry. She began doing puppet shows while working as a children's librarian. Since 1980, she has been performing full-time in schools, libraries and festivals throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, including The Boston Children's Museum, First Night Providence, The RISD Museum, the Puppet Showplace Theatre and countless schools, libraries, and family events.

She also leads workshops for teachers and librarians on using puppets with children. She has presented at regional library conferences and puppetry festivals.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monsters and Voices and Workshops, Oh My!


PST is celebrating spring, and we invite you to try new things - like one of our workshops!

Build Your Own Monster Puppet!
Learn how to build your own
monster puppet from fur and foam!

Instructor: Jonathan Little (Little's Creatures)
Three sessions, April 3 - 17
Tuesday nights, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Cost: $175 + $30 materials fee
(PST members save 10%!)

Register Online!

Have you always wanted to make your own customized puppet? What about your own pet monster? Well, now you're in luck! This class will give you all of the skills you need to start building your very own puppets (monster or otherwise).

Class participants will be guided step by step through the process of making a moving-mouth puppet with rod-controlled arms, a style frequently used in television puppetry. You will be taught how to properly cut faux fur, how to hide and minimize the appearance of seams, how to create posable hands, and much, much more. In addition to learning how to build the puppet, participants will be introduced to the materials generally used in puppet design, and the common tools every puppet maker needs. Everyone in the class will be expected to sew, use hot glue, and use basic hand tools. Prior building experience is not necessary.

Find out more about Little's Creatures and puppet building in this video!

Fundamentals of Silly Voices
A fun, creative vocal technique class
for actors and puppeteers

Instructor: Brenda Huggins
Four sessions, May 7 - 28
Monday nights, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Cost: $95 (PST members save 10%!)

Register Online!

Puppeteers are known for their vocal versatility. Want to learn their secrets? Whether you're a singer or actor, comedian or magician, a politician or a puppeteer, this foundational skills class will give you everything you need for excellent and creative vocal performance.

Students will explore their own vocal range while learning techniques for proper breath support, projection, and good vocal health. The class will cover the basics of vocal techniques and philosophies such as Linklater, Laban, Alexander, and Bel Canto. Building from these core ideas, the class will then explore connections between voice, character, and storytelling. Puppetry performance exercises, such as discovering voices in found objects and voicing multiple puppet characters in one scene, will be incorporated throughout the class. Participants will be encouraged to learn from each other while practicing their newly-acquired skills in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meet the Singing Turtle this week at PST!


The Singing Turtle by Paul Vincent Davis, performed by Brad Shur, PST artist in residence

Wed & Thurs | March 14 & 15 | 10:30am
Sat & Sun | March 17 & 18 | 1pm & 3pm

A young boy gets help from a singing turtle in the puppet version of this classic Japanese folktale!


About the show: A young, hard working farm boy, Taro, is desperate to earn money to buy medicine for his sick mother. He overcomes his scheming uncle with help from an amazing turtle in this Japanese folk tale about friendship and generosity.

Recommended for ages 3 & up.

About the show's creator: Paul Vincent Davis is widely recognized as one of America's foremost glove puppeteers. He has received four UNIMA citations for his work, has performed at festivals all over the world, and was honored with the Puppeteers of America President's Award for lifetime achievement. Over the course of his decades-long career Davis created over 15 full-length puppet shows incorporating multiple styles of puppetry but primarily featuring his signature "PVD-style" of legged glove puppets. Davis trained in New York City with Carol Fijan, author of the widely-used instruction book Making Puppets Come Alive. He currently serves on the PST Board of Trustees and is writing a book about the theory and practice of glove puppetry that he hopes will inspire others to create excellent work using this expressive art form.

About the performer:
Brad Shur is the Artist in Residence at Puppet Showplace Theatre where he regularly teaches and performs. He has been professionally involved in puppetry for over 10 years. He first began as a performer with the Providence puppet and mask company Big Nazo while a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has toured nationally with Wood & Strings Theatre, a marionette company based in Tennessee, and has worked with the Vermont PuppetTree as a freelance puppet designer and performer.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The first rule of Puppet Showplace Slam...


Puppet Showplace Slam is here!
Sat | March 10 | 8-10pm

Are you ready for it, adult puppet fans? Our bimonthly puppet slam is here!


About the slam:
Puppet Showplace Theatre has shows for teens and adults? That's right puppet fans. Every other month we stay open late to bring you the finest in "grown up" puppet entertainment. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll go home googly-eyed. March's slam features special guest David Stephens, visiting all the way from Atlanta, GA!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's a reluctant dragon? Find out at PST!


Wed & Thurs | Mar 7 & 8 | 10:30am
Fri | Mar 9 | 3:30pm *
Sat & Sun | Mar 10 & 11 | 1pm & 3pm

From All Hands Productions comes a tale of a princess, a knight, and a reluctant dragon! What's a reluctant dragon? Find out in the show!


NEW AFTER SCHOOL SHOWTIME! Friday's performance of "The Reluctant Dragon" marks the premiere of PST's After School program! Come by to see the show and get an exclusive Q&A session with the puppeteers and free refreshments from Whole Foods!

About the show: Princess Penepole loves to read about dragons. Imagine her surprise when she actually meets and befriends one! Upon discovering the potential threat of a dragon in the palace, King Rhubarb charges Sir Reginald to fight the dragon. Will it be a fight to the death? Will it be a draw? Will they even fight at all? Find out in All Hands Productions version of “The Reluctant Dragon.” This show was funded in part by a 2008 Jim Henson Foundation Family Grant.

Recommended for ages 3 & up.

About the performer: Founded by David Stephens, All Hands Productions is dedicated to bringing quality puppet productions to children and their parents. A recipient of a 2008 Jim Henson Foundation Family Grant, Stephens hopes to continue fulfilling his goals of presenting quality entertainment to children and their parents.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goldilocks visits PST!


Sat & Sun | March 3 & 4 | 1pm & 3pm

Magpie Puppets presents Goldilocks and the Three Bears - with a new ending!


About the show: We all know the story—Goldilocks stumbles upon an empty house, gobbles up porridge, breaks a chair, and takes a snooze. She’s awakened by three bears and runs home to her mother. In the Magpie Puppets version, her mother is horrified—not by the bears, but by her daughter’s poor manners! She sends Goldilocks back to apologize, bearing blueberry pancakes and a promise of chair repair. In a departure for Magpie Puppets, this is a tabletop(s) show, with puppeteer Maggie Whalen fully visible. Audience members do aerobics with Mama Bear and help the bears with household chores.

Recommended for ages 3 & up.

About the performer: Magpie Puppets is a one-woman hand puppet theater consisting of Maggie Whalen. Performing puppet shows for children since 1969, she founded Poor People's Puppets in NYC in 1971 which performed in its own storefront theater from 1971-1974. She has also worked with other New England puppeteers: Vermont's Bread & Puppet Theatre and New York's Theater in the New City. Besides performing, Maggie also teaches puppet-making workshops at schools, community centers, and Club Med.